Why I’m not going to answer your autism question

I don’t get any question on this blog itself. I am lucky if I get one comment a year. But I follow many autism groups on facebook and other places and I am trying to get more out there.

But I have noticed a trend in what passes for ‘questions’ in these groups and pages.

I do answer the odd question if its a good one. But some I have given up because I just don’t have time and energy anymore.

  1. Lets talk about your spelling

I understand a few spelling mistakes if they aren’t completely atrocious. I’m writing this blog post and just posted an entire novel onto Wattpad. I can barely spell myself. (That being said, if there is any mention of my spelling in the comments, your only response will be STFU. Irrelevant)

But you have just barged into an autism group blithering about some condition called ‘assburgers’. WTF is that??? What do you expect us to know about it? This is an autism page, not a page for rude sandwiches.

If it was perhaps A-S-P-E-R-G-E-R-S you were talking about: If it is you or your child that has been diagnosed with it, you should know how to spell it by now as it should be written down somewhere. But then again, you posted about ‘assburgers’ in a group where the correct spelling of the condition can be found in the title of the group. You have no excuse. It’s a mans last name FFS.

Also I will remind you of all the bullying autistics go though in there entire childhood (and then what continues on into adulthood, lets be honest). Guess which slur is used against children with AsPergers? Yup. And you’ve just slapped that very slur into a facebook post for AsPPPPPergers. Thanks for the PTSD flashback, we really appreciate it. That might be why you’re getting radio silence in response to your question.

So I won’t be answering your question because I doubt that you can even read it. I will leave it to someone who has the time to use really short words.

  1. TMI.

I’m not answering your question because I haven’t got to it yet, as it is buried under pages and pages of TMI, and have yet to even see how it relates to your question.

We get all different kinds of oversharing vomit on our autism pages. We autistics are well know for our long-winded oversharing skills.

This isn’t about the autistics that overshare.

As there is one very special kind of TMI I have reserved this entry on the list for.

Why why why why OH WHY do I need to read pages of very detailed, graphic descriptions of your child TAKING A SHIT???

Why do we need to read this?

Why does your child need this information plastered all over autism groups/pages/blogs?

And why so detailed about every aspect of a child taking a dump?

Even when you’ve cowardly hidden behind ‘Anonymous’ but still faaaaaaaaa!

Is even worse when it is your blog post. I’m sorry, I have to say it. You do not write an autism blog. You write glorified child fetish porn. You aren’t asking a question. There is actually something dodgy going on here.

So I am not answering your question because I suspect it is just pedophilic poo fetish porn with a question mark slapped on the end of it, not a question. And everyone who read it just vomited, so if you did intend for it to be a question, you don’t deserve an answer. You on your own.

Speaking of TMI and (and your obvious crap fetish)

  1. You have mistaken this page/group as a GP office

True there will be a few actual GPs reading your ‘question’. Some of which may also be autistic. But if you are living in a first world country, you know where to find a GP. And in most cases doctor visits for children are completely free.

People in a facebook group/forum don’t have the time/enough information/qualifications to diagnose and treat everything your child has that is irrelevant to autism.


And speaking of that…

  1. Your question is completely and utterly irrelevant to autism

(blinks) …sorry what do you expect a page dedicated to autism to like…do…about your problem that is completely irrelevant to autism?

Go re-read 2 and 3.

Autism isn’t a poo disease. It’s not a cough. It’s not a mental illness. It’s not a broken leg.

GO. TO. A. GP.

  1. Someone in the situation you have described needs urgent, emergency mental help yesterday, and it isn’t your child

Looking at the small amount of information you have made available about your situation…your autistic loved one is reacting in a way that would be completely natural and normal even for a neurotypical.

However, your post is paragraphs and paragraphs of shrieking about this and that what the autistic has done, then blaming your reactions and behaviors on the autistic.


This is called gaslighting.



But leave the autistic at home. Because it is not them that needs urgent, emergency mental help. Honeybunn, if you are slow enough to not have figured it out already, its you. And if that is the case, that poor mental health professional has a lot of hard work ahead of them.

After all that, the autistic may need mental help themselves anyway, to get over the abuse they have suffered from you. They may need help in actually leaving you.

For the sake of the autistic.

And for those who take offense: Don’t blame your audience for actually seeing all the red flags in your so called ‘question’. We’re autistic, not stupid.

  1. Your post is basically just bullying with a question mark slapped on the end of it

Don’t complain when you get banned.

Read 1. again.


  1. You’re trying to write a novel

Which isn’t a bad idea. I would love to publish my novel myself. But maybe try another platform besides dumping the entire thing into a FB post.

We could answer your question, but it took us two days to read it. Maybe come back to us when you’ve shortened it a bit?

This is probably related to the oversharing that I mentioned before,

  1. We aren’t your kindergarten teachers, we’re not going to hold your hand

Everyone on the page/group has lives of their own. None of them really have time to break out the crayons or hold your hand through a basic google ‘I’m feeling lucky’ search.

We get all sorts of interesting questions and discussions on these pages (if its boring, its not an autism page!).

Some questions are extremely important. Perhaps there is an autistic teenager who might have zero support in their real life, waiting decades for the medical community to stop gaslighting them and give them the diagnosis they desperately need, came to the online community to find the first friends they have ever had. They seek to further understand how autism affects them, where to get the support for the countless mental illnesses they have collected trying to cope their entire life without any support, wanting to know if they are alone in their self harm and depression issues.

But then they are buried under piles of

What is autism?

What is autism?

What is autism?

What is autism?

What is autism?

What is autism?

What is autism?

What is autism?

What is autism?

And once again these poor kids are abandoned and ignored, in favor of constantly answering the same boring question over and over. And thus there is no real discussion anymore.

Some communities will have a FAQ. Read them.

And if its already on the FAQ, don’t be surprised if your question gets ignored or even deleted as spam. People in the community don’t have time to answer them anymore,. That might be why its in the FAQ

It is 2017. We’ve had a black man in the whitehouse. We can talk to each other through video on a phone! Smallpox and polio is basically extinct. And what are you reading this on now? We have this amazing tool called the Internet, something my parents generation couldn’t even dream of when they were my age.

If learning about autism is important to you, do your own research. If you can read this, you already have the technology to do so! Some of your questions have been answered to death!

Thus, I can answer your question with a 2 second google. Something you are perfectly capable to do yourself. Or you can pay us.

  1. I suspect your question might be some kind of code for pedophiles and bleach enema cult members to use the forum/page as their own platform.

I don’t know if this is the actual case or not. But while writing some of the previous entries on the list I started to get suspicious.

I know people doing illegal crap can get away with it by using some kind of code in a public forum so they can find each other.

I use pedos and bleach enemists in this example because they are pretty much the same thing.

But yes, if we find something suspicious about your post, we won’t give you the answer you want.


And that is just 9 reasons your autism question might not be answered. And to the autistics out there: Just stop answering questions you don’t have time for! It only encourages them.

I could have done 10, but I suffer from a laziness specific to autism so I will finish this sentence tomorrow.


Bye Felicia.


Autism Comedy



Autistics Can’t

I started this project for my own selfish reasons. I needed a reason to actually get up and do something. I needed a list of things I needed to achieve. I have been stagnant for about six or seven years and I desperately need a change.

I have named this list Autistics Can’t because it is mostly a list of very basic milestones. And I used Autism as an example because ‘can’t’ is the only word autistics and the disabled ever hear, regardless of whether they actually can or not. ‘Autistics’ and ‘can’t’ shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence.

So lets see if Autistics actually can’t do any of these things. The rules of this list is that it must be an ‘autistics can’t’ statement you have heard from or been told by someone else. The burden of proof should not be on autistics to disprove such a strawman argument. We expect to see evidence that we can’t do any of these things, signed by Hans Asperger himself. (If you have said evidence, please leave it in the comments.) But its still worth making a list of your own just for your own entertainment.

Continue reading

Life update and bitching about employment

Any real growth I have been getting is small. But one does not gradually climb out of the dole, it has to be jumped. Some people in my situation have a vast network of roadblocks that will take witchcraft to figure out which one can actually be removed. But most can’t because 10 more blocks have to be removed first. Some are trapped in an infinite cycle of catch 22s.

Jobseeking. I am a 28 year-old part-time worker. I have never been paid a cent in my entire lifetime.

I am seeking payed work. Work must be within walking/cycling distance from my house, or a bus station at a stretch, anything else is a dealbreaker, or else how would I get there? What’s a car? Oh right. But those aren’t free. To get one I will need money and to get that I will need to be paid. And to be paid I will need to find a job, to do that I may need to expand my reach to places requiring a car and most jobs on Trademe require I have a car anyway and to get one of those I need to be paid. By a job. FAIL!!!

Jobseeking with experience!

Looking up some very basic part time jobs to gain some skills. Applicants must have this many years of experience in digging holes/slapping paint everywhere.

From where???


When we are offered the carrot of being paid we grab it, even if we end up sitting for years in unpaid internship to get it. And what a waste of those years. What are we going to eat in all that time before we get paid? Sorry bub, were taking yet another part time job just to eat. And since we’re being paid for it, guess which job will have to be a priority?

Sometimes these jobs affect our mental and physical health. Some of these jobs are even dangerous if not lethal to our mental and physical health.

At this point, don’t even ask why we don’t leave, don’t even bring up the question. Why would we leave? Why would we leave what puts food on our table even though it puts us in hospital?

I am being dripfed opportunities right now. And even the people helping me find the work are making me avoid some jobs because they are concerned for my health. I purposefully chose those dangerous-to-my-health-jobs because they were the only ones I had the skills for and could physically get to LOL. What are my other options?

I wonder how many people are in the same situation as me. Quite a few I imagine with uncountable various reasons for why they need to find new work, why they need to add yet another full time job to their workload, why they are avoiding some kinds of jobs, why they are purposefully taking jobs their own disabilities with prevent them from doing.

And yes at the same time we will have to ‘bludge’ off your taxes to pay rent and eat.

Don’t like it? Show us another option. We will love to hear about it. We will wait. Some of us have been searching and researching options for years.

This was going to be a life update. Now it is a bitchy post about unemployment. Maybe I need to get back into looking for Work-From-Home opportunities.

I’ve gotten back into painting. Obviously I’m trying with the writing side. I am studying for my learners license and there may be a possibility of me getting a car later. I am praying for some important life changes this year.

One important good news is that I have a new special someone in my life. I like to have a few good friendships. This new man I am with started off as a friendship many years ago. In my opinion friendships are a good way to start potential relationships.

Hope you are doing better than I am. Sorry if this was too bitchy.



July update

Gday its me again.

This is going to be a rather sad personal rant so please bare with. Lol

I tried to jumpstart my YouTube and blogging career again this year but obviously I have rarely updated in months. I haven’t been motivated to finish anything for the past 7 years so I’m rather desperate for real growth now. When I have an idea it doesn’t last very long. I keep changing my mind what to use my blog and YT for or which of my many platform to start with and which will just be for support.

At the moment I just want this blog to be for personal stuff, like ranting or probably just pontificating about myself and stuff you don’t really care about. Lol.

I have a lot of opinions but for some reason I don’t have an outlet, this should probably be it.

I tried a regular update schedule but it didn’t work. So for now I just post when I post. Probably on weekends if I actually have something to post.

I discovered recently that I have been added to a network for autistic bloggers. Which hopefully should give me the shove to updating more often. Advocating for autistics and disabilities is one of my dreams. Because everyone deserves freedom, independence and personhood.

I have slowly gotten back to my painting and drawing after years of artist block and no motivation. I have also just recently picked up writing again. Still trying to post Lemuria regularly.

I am convinced there will be a massive shift this year. My handwriting has suddenly changed. Only about 30% on purpose. I actually can’t go back to my old handwriting automatically. I don’t know what this means.

I hope things are good for you readers out there, the ones that are left. Sorry for the lack of updates. Fingers crossed I will actually post more often now.

Thanks for reading, byeeeeeee!

Confessions of an Opshop Volunteer

I’ve been working in an Opshop for the past two years. I won’t be naming it in this blog for privacy reasons, but this one I’m working in is a charity for the animals. That’s the only hint I’m giving.

Here are my confessions and everything I learned from working there

Sometimes we do throw out stuff

Lol. Yes we literally sometimes do. Some things we get can be in disgusting quality so it goes straight to the tip. I don’t know about other places, but the particular shop I’m working in doesn’t want to sell it.

Some things we can’t even legally sell on due to safety laws. New regulations can make some old, rusty items completely obsolete.

Yes we test all the electronics before it goes on the shelf

If you can find an available powerpoint, I guess you could still confirm what we already know.


Yes. Thefts. Literally thefts. We’ve had crap stolen right out of the shop before. It actually happens quite often. Yes. There are some special little darlings out there that will literally STEAL from a CHARITY. In my case they are stealing from animals. There is also an opshop for the Hospice in my town. Chances are these same little darlings steal from that also. Yes, that’s a charity supporting the Hospice that they are knowingly STEALING from, your dying loved ones.


The gender gap

Been working there for two years. Never met a male member of staff. In fact I think the entire staff is female at the moment.

There are discounts!

In some shops staff can get discounts. Which is nice when the shop is the only place you can afford clothes.

Closing time

We close at 4.

Not 4.30.

Not 6.00pm.

We. Close. At. 4.

We don’t get payed overtime.


That’s why its called volunteering. That’s why its called charity.

We choose to work there all afternoon, sometimes all day, for free.

We did not chose to cancel any important part of our lives after exactly four so that we can hold the door open while you plod around for an hour and not buy anything.

Pretty sure that would be called slavery, bro. So umm…pay us?

Seriously, the manager at our shop is almost slamming the door in peoples faces at exactly 4.

I guess if you get locked in the store after 4…whose fault is it, really?

Late donations

Turning up long after hours, or on days we are closed, to dump donations.

Of course it will all just sit there until we actually open. I mean that isn’t news to you right?

Hey guess what…it can get us in trouble!!

And if it’s just sitting there it’s probably going to get stolen before we even get there. So why dump that mess there if its going to get the same result by dumping it all over your own driveway? The only difference is the problems it causes us if we get in trouble for it. And we should not be held responsible for your own laziness. So ‘thanks’ for the donation.

And to get pissy at us when we’re not open massively after hours or on a public holiday. LOL. Pay us?

Expect massive lag at the counter

This is a charity shop. Not a supermarket. We don’t have any of our own stuff at the counter. The plastic bags are all donated. The till and eftpost is probably donated as well. If you by more than one item the price has to be added up. One. By. One. If you’ve decided to buy 50 items, you might as well drive to maccas and come back. We will still be counting. Change has to be basically made up on the spot. If someone is on the shop phone, we basically have no eftpost machine. So if there is one volunteer at the counter, guess how many customers they can serve at a time? I’ll give you a hint. it’s between zero and one.

No blog post today :(

No blog post today since I had no time to write one. But since I promised a blog a week for an entire year, I needed to post something.

So here is a post to make up for it.

Sorry 😦

I should come up with some weird punishment for when I miss a blog post.


New Journals and updates

I’ve been using school exorcise books as a Bullet Journal and for my notebooks. I decided to make a Travel Journal system for my small notebooks out of one I had already made out of an old book cover.

Recently I decided they all needed new covers.journals-2journals-1

I used scrap newpaper to cover them and stuck them on with double sided tape. I think I will just use glue for covers next time because the tape shows through in the texture after its painted.

If you want to do more posts on journals and anything related please comment bellow.

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