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Life Update: 100 followers

I am writing this on Monday, even though my usual routine is posting on the weekend. Which I didn’t this week. Lol.

I’ve just hit 100 subscribers. My goal this year was to get one of my social media projects to 100 followers. It looked like this blog was the most likely to hit that number. This year I finally had a regular posting routine and actually had things to post.

A very special thanks to my readers and those responding to my posts. Hope you have a good holidays and a decent Christmas.

Important Life updates:

  • I have a brand new studio and will be planning some new projects for next year
  • I am officially driving on my own with a Restricted License
  • I could be a full-time carer by next year
  • Officially married as of September
  • I might be finally out of the Dole Years by next year

Blog goals after 100 subs:

I won’t be focusing on subs for this blog next year, instead, I will be working on my other platforms. I need to go back to DeviantArt and using YT and my Facebook page is in desperate need of an upgrade, lol. There will still be regular weekend updates on this blog. Eventually, this blog will be mostly essays on my other projects, on top of my usual essays on random things I’m interested in. Epic Christmas/New Years post will be coming later.

At this point, I’m also asking for your input. Is there anything you want to read more about on this blog? Leave it in the comments below.

Why all of you should observe the Sabbath

Yes, even if you’re not following any particular religion, even if you are agnosic or athiest you should be observing the sabbath, right now. And not just because God told you to.

Before you jump onto your keyboard screaming about church: first you might want to learn to read, then find me where in the bible it says ‘sabbath = go to church’. Because I’m a bible reading christian and haven’t found it yet.

Instead, Sabbath basically means ‘rest’. As in, drop everything and rest. No working. Even if it’s paid. Going to church is optional, but it is helpful having a day set aside for it!

The Sabbath was always officially held on the Saturday. Yes, Saturday, not Sunday. Anyone else saying otherwize is lying. But the aposltes stated it didn’t matter which day between the two you use to observe the sabbath, as long as you did it. Just take a day off. And worship if you need to.

Even God rested on the Sabbath, that’s how it was invented. If God needs a rest day, so do you, so take one.

Its not for the sake of a rule. If there is a sin being commited when you don’t observe it, the victim is yourself. God can set rules for yourself. Do you really want to deny yourself a break?

Today we are living in a toxic culture where success can no longer be measured by acheivments but how many massive burnouts it took to get there.

Look at your favorate celebs having meldowns and suddenly doing weird crap. Are they really ‘crazy’? Really? Or did the toxic culture of Hollywood do that to them? Marylin Monroe died because there was no #MeToo movment to support her. Just sayin. Look at their burnouts, their months in rehab, their mental health problems. This is what it looks like when you have no Sabbath.

The richest, most succesful people that have everything, are all really depressed. How many of them have a Sabbath?

What is worth go go go go go? No sit down for hours? Skipping multiple meals a day for the sake of time? Flaking everything because you are ‘too busy’, or just because you forget and forget and forget and forget because you are constantly double booked three days a week? Ending up in hospital from exhaustion and burnout from your multiple skipped meals? You better be getting some good coin. And you should be getting twice the coin if you never have a Sabbath.

I can’t tell you what to do though. I can’t tell you when to take one, just take one. Though I can tell you not to drag other people into your downward spiral of burnout, or expect everyone else to keep up with your inhuman level of self abuse, or blame anyone for your own ability to book your own scedual.


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