Don’t move to Hollywood

There is a huge problem in Hollywood at the moment and I don’t know if they are even talking about it.

How much is Hollywood talking about Mental Health? Is it common knowledge yet that Hollywood is a massively toxic culture?

We look up to these stars too much and dream of being where they are, and we also don’t. Because now we know what Hollywood does to our favorite stars. And we don’t want to be there, even though we secretly do.


Hollywood gives its stars the biggest houses, the best cars, the top careers, but at a price. How many of our stars will be dying of old age? How many of them have already died of drug overdoses, drunk driving, suicide, heart attacks? Is it possible for a celebrity to die any other way?


How many of your favorite stars have sold out? How many of them have burnt out and had a breakdown, ended up in rehab, became a social media joke? That doesn’t just come from nowhere. Why are they plastering on a fake face to slap on a product they don’t even care about selling?

Do you really think most of the profits go to the star? How much of their time is actually spent making someone else money?

Is making fun of Charlie Sheen called for?


They are walking on the eggshells of our entitlement. When someone shot up Adriana Grande’s concert she profusely apologized to her audience. What did you do wrong, Adriana? Nothing! Did you shoot up the concert yourself? Someone should be apologizing to you for ruining something you put so much work into!


It’s not a conspiracy theory, it is official now. Hollywood is run by peadophiles and rapists. They’ve been getting away with it for decades. Hollywood throws money at it to cover it up. The predators probably found some legal loophole where they can literally buy their victims. It’s not new. We’re just finally talking about it. Do we still want to join Hollywood? Do we want to pay these people to rape their stars? Would it be worth boycotting the work of rapists?


Maybe the Illuminati is real. Maybe this is it.

If you are a celeb and you are reading this: Please take a holiday! For your own sake!

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