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Signs you suffer from affluenza

Affluenza is a crippling mental condition that affects thousands all over the world. Once you know the symptoms the disease can be stopped before it spreads.

Your bank account has more zeros than you have IQ points

But that’s ok. Who needs to function like an adult when you can just buy thinking? That made no sense to me either.

Your friends stare at you like you’re speaking Chinese when you bring up what shops you got what at.

Oh, honey, not everyone goes all the way to France just to by a top. That’s just you

You are surprised when people don’t magically become your friend once wave money in their face

And you wonder why you keep losing friends. Maybe your current friends should help you figure that one out. Its what you pay them for after all.

You wonder why your friends won’t see you anymore

It’s a two-hour walk to your McMansion in the middle of nowhere. Maybe you should pick them up in one of your ten cars?

People suddenly get angry when you lose your job and start begging for money while living in your McMansion with your ten cars and a team of servants

I mean, how unreasonable of them!

You seem to have missed the news that slavery is now illegal, while you can easily afford to pay people for their work

Don’t forget to winge about millennials who keep demanding a weekend after working triple shift with no extra pay. How dare they!

Do you suffer from affluenza? Let me know in the comments.

My blog is nearly at 100 followers. I don’t know what I want to do when it hits that milestone. Since its birthday month, I will probably just buy some more alcohol that I don’t need. Once I’ve got this to 100 followers I might start making YT vids again. I’ve finally got momentum to post this vlog weekly (when I can). I will start small and if asked I will deny that I am just making the vids so that I have content to post here once a week.

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