Autistics Can’t

I started this project for my own selfish reasons. I needed a reason to actually get up and do something. I needed a list of things I needed to achieve. I have been stagnant for about six or seven years and I desperately need a change.

I have named this list Autistics Can’t because it is mostly a list of very basic milestones. And I used Autism as an example because ‘can’t’ is the only word autistics and the disabled ever hear, regardless of whether they actually can or not. ‘Autistics’ and ‘can’t’ shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence.

So lets see if Autistics actually can’t do any of these things. The rules of this list is that it must be an ‘autistics can’t’ statement you have heard from or been told by someone else. The burden of proof should not be on autistics to disprove such a strawman argument. We expect to see evidence that we can’t do any of these things, signed by Hans Asperger himself. (If you have said evidence, please leave it in the comments.) But its still worth making a list of your own just for your own entertainment.

Optional: Add activities unrelated to ‘Autistics cant’ just to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Maybe turn it into a Bucket List. Just because this list should be fun.

Here is my list.

Autistics can’t


I am 28 and have never touched a real drivers license before.

Working on this one. And I have a number of autisic friends who will wave their own drivers licenses and even car keys in your face. So if you told them they can’t drive, try again bub.

Gaining the ability to drive a car can be massively life changing! So this is going on the list.

Get A Job/Get Paid

Don’t get me started on Autism and employment. 28 and never seen a paycheck. My dream is to work from home in writing and art. But I also need to see food on the table. Because apparently Autistics need to eat now.

Some of my autistic friends already have paid jobs of their own. Some are doing voluntary work while looking for something paid. That’s a whole other post.

I think its safe to say we can work and can be paid. Whether or not we are actually paid to legal standards is another thing.


Not sure if it counts because I have traveled a few times before. But I want to travel again and want to try traveling just for myself. And I have a few places I want to visit. So on the list it goes.

Publish a book

This is on my list because you need at least one narcissistic item on the list. I would rather like to publish that book I wrote. It needs readers.

Autistics have written books. No-verbal autisics that were dismissed as hopeless cases have been accidentally left in a room with a laptop and suddenly smashed out a novel. Much to their parents surprise that there is more to communication than just mouth noises.

It can be done. So I think I can publish a book if I tried.

Own a home

I think I will leave the whole ‘Millennials owning homes’ for another post. Though there are people who have put it into better words that I ever could. But Autism or not, I want to own a home. Just because I want to. Lets see if we can tick this one off.

Get married ect

I’m not going to expand too much on this one because relationships are a completely different thing from everything else on this list, as many an autistic would know.

No pressure on this one.

I am disturbed that this should even be on the list. But I’ve heard people say things related to this before, and other people might have heard it too.

I think there is a whole other post here.

Random optional items in this list just coz:

  • Get my ears pierced again
  • Get a tattoo
  • Go to the Armageddon expo
  • Have work in the Art Expo, Nelson
  • Create something for the Arts Festival
  • Visit New Orleans
  • Cosplay!
  • Visit England and Scotland
  • Have a real art studio
  • Attend a Sweet Adelines International Convention
  • (maybe more to come)

Completed items:

Live independently

Done. This was one told to my family before I even knew what Autism was. Who TF even says that about a child??? Well I pay rent, buy my own groceries and my only roomate is a cat so…


Finish school

For a while I did ok. But in the end I didn’t even know if I would actually pass NCEA. I had a lot of potential and I think I could have done better. But I wanted to actually finish school. If I dropped out I didn’t have anything to do instead. Considering I have been stagnant and unemployed since I left polytech, I would have been worse off than I am now if I dropped out of school. So I finished school because I wanted to.

There is a whole other post here. There are autistics who dropped out of school because they just couldn’t get anything out of it and found it pointless.

That was everything I could think of so far. I will update on any progress. I may even update in video form.

Do you have a list of your own? Even a Bucket List or Life Goals would count. You don’t have to be autistic to have a list of your own. You can name the list anything.


I’m also working on a book about Autism

Coffee Grop

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