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Life update and bitching about employment

Any real growth I have been getting is small. But one does not gradually climb out of the dole, it has to be jumped. Some people in my situation have a vast network of roadblocks that will take witchcraft to figure out which one can actually be removed. But most can’t because 10 more blocks have to be removed first. Some are trapped in an infinite cycle of catch 22s.

Jobseeking. I am a 28 year-old part-time worker. I have never been paid a cent in my entire lifetime.

I am seeking payed work. Work must be within walking/cycling distance from my house, or a bus station at a stretch, anything else is a dealbreaker, or else how would I get there? What’s a car? Oh right. But those aren’t free. To get one I will need money and to get that I will need to be paid. And to be paid I will need to find a job, to do that I may need to expand my reach to places requiring a car and most jobs on Trademe require I have a car anyway and to get one of those I need to be paid. By a job. FAIL!!!

Jobseeking with experience!

Looking up some very basic part time jobs to gain some skills. Applicants must have this many years of experience in digging holes/slapping paint everywhere.

From where???


When we are offered the carrot of being paid we grab it, even if we end up sitting for years in unpaid internship to get it. And what a waste of those years. What are we going to eat in all that time before we get paid? Sorry bub, were taking yet another part time job just to eat. And since we’re being paid for it, guess which job will have to be a priority?

Sometimes these jobs affect our mental and physical health. Some of these jobs are even dangerous if not lethal to our mental and physical health.

At this point, don’t even ask why we don’t leave, don’t even bring up the question. Why would we leave? Why would we leave what puts food on our table even though it puts us in hospital?

I am being dripfed opportunities right now. And even the people helping me find the work are making me avoid some jobs because they are concerned for my health. I purposefully chose those dangerous-to-my-health-jobs because they were the only ones I had the skills for and could physically get to LOL. What are my other options?

I wonder how many people are in the same situation as me. Quite a few I imagine with uncountable various reasons for why they need to find new work, why they need to add yet another full time job to their workload, why they are avoiding some kinds of jobs, why they are purposefully taking jobs their own disabilities with prevent them from doing.

And yes at the same time we will have to ‘bludge’ off your taxes to pay rent and eat.

Don’t like it? Show us another option. We will love to hear about it. We will wait. Some of us have been searching and researching options for years.

This was going to be a life update. Now it is a bitchy post about unemployment. Maybe I need to get back into looking for Work-From-Home opportunities.

I’ve gotten back into painting. Obviously I’m trying with the writing side. I am studying for my learners license and there may be a possibility of me getting a car later. I am praying for some important life changes this year.

One important good news is that I have a new special someone in my life. I like to have a few good friendships. This new man I am with started off as a friendship many years ago. In my opinion friendships are a good way to start potential relationships.

Hope you are doing better than I am. Sorry if this was too bitchy.



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