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Confessions of an Opshop Volunteer

I’ve been working in an Opshop for the past two years. I won’t be naming it in this blog for privacy reasons, but this one I’m working in is a charity for the animals. That’s the only hint I’m giving.

Here are my confessions and everything I learned from working there

Sometimes we do throw out stuff

Lol. Yes we literally sometimes do. Some things we get can be in disgusting quality so it goes straight to the tip. I don’t know about other places, but the particular shop I’m working in doesn’t want to sell it.

Some things we can’t even legally sell on due to safety laws. New regulations can make some old, rusty items completely obsolete.

Yes we test all the electronics before it goes on the shelf

If you can find an available powerpoint, I guess you could still confirm what we already know.


Yes. Thefts. Literally thefts. We’ve had crap stolen right out of the shop before. It actually happens quite often. Yes. There are some special little darlings out there that will literally STEAL from a CHARITY. In my case they are stealing from animals. There is also an opshop for the Hospice in my town. Chances are these same little darlings steal from that also. Yes, that’s a charity supporting the Hospice that they are knowingly STEALING from, your dying loved ones.


The gender gap

Been working there for two years. Never met a male member of staff. In fact I think the entire staff is female at the moment.

There are discounts!

In some shops staff can get discounts. Which is nice when the shop is the only place you can afford clothes.

Closing time

We close at 4.

Not 4.30.

Not 6.00pm.

We. Close. At. 4.

We don’t get payed overtime.


That’s why its called volunteering. That’s why its called charity.

We choose to work there all afternoon, sometimes all day, for free.

We did not chose to cancel any important part of our lives after exactly four so that we can hold the door open while you plod around for an hour and not buy anything.

Pretty sure that would be called slavery, bro. So umm…pay us?

Seriously, the manager at our shop is almost slamming the door in peoples faces at exactly 4.

I guess if you get locked in the store after 4…whose fault is it, really?

Late donations

Turning up long after hours, or on days we are closed, to dump donations.

Of course it will all just sit there until we actually open. I mean that isn’t news to you right?

Hey guess what…it can get us in trouble!!

And if it’s just sitting there it’s probably going to get stolen before we even get there. So why dump that mess there if its going to get the same result by dumping it all over your own driveway? The only difference is the problems it causes us if we get in trouble for it. And we should not be held responsible for your own laziness. So ‘thanks’ for the donation.

And to get pissy at us when we’re not open massively after hours or on a public holiday. LOL. Pay us?

Expect massive lag at the counter

This is a charity shop. Not a supermarket. We don’t have any of our own stuff at the counter. The plastic bags are all donated. The till and eftpost is probably donated as well. If you by more than one item the price has to be added up. One. By. One. If you’ve decided to buy 50 items, you might as well drive to maccas and come back. We will still be counting. Change has to be basically made up on the spot. If someone is on the shop phone, we basically have no eftpost machine. So if there is one volunteer at the counter, guess how many customers they can serve at a time? I’ll give you a hint. it’s between zero and one.

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