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Researching publishing

I’ve finally completed the latest revision of Lemuria. At this point I am getting into researching publishing. I’ve got some good tips from family members and friends who have published books.

If I self publish I may get most of the money. The printing company might help with the marketing but when self publishing most of the marketing would have to be done myself.

If I send it to a publishing company they will do the marketing, but authors only get a small percentage of the total profits, (too small according to my great-aunt and I can’t disagree with authors getting more money) the publishing house and the book stores all make their cuts. And if I get an agent, they will also make their cut, unless you live in New Zealand where you go straight to the publisher because the agent step is probably non-existant. Does anyone in NZ actually know what a Literary Agent is?


Unfortunately according to the news: most of the local NZ publishing houses have transferred to Australia and some aren’t even publishing anymore, so yet again NZ has completely screwed my career over 😦


I’ve met a small number of people who have published non-fiction and people who have published fiction. I’ve looked through the NZ section in local book shops. And it looks like NZ is pretty desperate for some fiction. There are a lot of photo books and everything for tourists here. NZ apparently can’t write much else O.o. because some shops don’t even have and NZ Fiction section at all. Some shops don’t even have an NZ Fiction book!


NZ needs fiction. NZ needs stories. NZ needs stories about NZ things and NZ people. NZ needs stories in general! Because stories are awesome.

And that is why I’m going to read books by NZ authours. To see what sort of things they write about (and also to cheekily look at their publisher lol (and see if they are still publishing…not-lol if they aren’t 😦 ))


I’m going to publish an NZ story.


What’s in my Studio:

knitted dollknitted skirtblue dollIMG_0232

This terrifying thing is coming together well.

And then I didn’t like how some paintings turned out so…


magizine canvas

I covered the canvases in magazines. I then covered it in one layer of gesso and have started painting it. I want the magazine to show through. The papers have created an odd texture. I have no idea how this decision will turn out but I will post the result later.

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!

2013 was good. Today it is 2014.

So here is a review of 2013 and plans for 2014.

I don’t actually have any ‘New Years Resolutions’ which are things that many people find hard to achieve 😦 but I do have things that I want to focus on in 2014.

Last years Goals:

Last year I took a break from my volunteering to focus on other career options. I aimed to finish my first novel and to read five books. Both of these goals were achieved.

I also wanted to sell artwork and update the blog and youtube more which didn’t happen. Hopefully this is something that will happen in 2014.

This Years Goals:

This year is the next step for Lemuria. I will find Beta readers and in the meantime research my options for publishing.

At the same time I could probably start the outline of the next one because I can’t stop writing 😛

Hopefully this will be the year for better blog updates and the year for my career of which I have none.

My personal goals is to get to know my psychology better and improve my organization and christian life.

2013 highlights:

Not many.

The best thing I’ve done all year is the Lemuria Final Draft. I managed to do three Lemuria drafts this year. I suppose it helps when you’re an unemployed recluse 😛

My favorite event was the Christmas in the Park

The life show is FAR better than the one on TV. Well it sure has a lot more Christmas in it! But I may or may not be biased due to the fact my sister was in it.


I hope you readers have a Happy New Year. Does anyone have a New Year Resolution? Or goals for this year? What are you looking forward to in 2014?

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