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Draft 4 completed!

The latest revision of The Un-named Novel is completed!

It’s been a good revision. Added some characters. Added some scenes. Added some chapters. Cut out a lot of useless crap lol! I did enjoy making this novel better. It needs one or two more revisions before I send it anywhere.

The name of the book will possibly be ‘Lemuria’. It’s going to be a series though I don’t know what the title of the series will be. If the book title stays it would be a good opportunity for a naming theme in this series.

I haven’t even got a summery let alone an elevator pitch yet (which could be a sign that I still have too much crap in it which can’t be condensed into a few sentences…) but anyway: This is a modern fantasy/spiritual/potentially scifi (I like lost of genres! Let’s just dump them all into one book!) set in New Zealand either the 80s or the 90s. It has dragons and vampires and weird looking people and talking animals. I’m ripping off about five mythologies and cultures (sorry mythologies and cultures) such as ancient empires and myths and legends of Atlantis and this particular book has a heavy Maori influence.

So after I’ve run Lemuria through another revision or two I will start planning the next one. Because why would I want to stop writing? 🙂


Nigel’s first Filofax

I’ve just recently jumped onto the Filofax bandwagon!

There are a number of different kinds of planner systems out there. My whole life I’ve used a planner system called Complete Utter Chaos (it’s free). Then I discovered the Filofax fad on Pintrest and I’m all like ‘seriously? this is a thing?’. I’ve always wanted ways to decorate and do cool things to my planners at school, but I grew up in Nelson New Zealand where an iPad is a crayon drawing on a bit of cardboard.

I was originally planning to use just a regular binder as my planner and set it up similar to a filofax because I preferred a $10 big binder to a $60 Filofax that could fit in your pocket. Until I found a Filofax in the bargain bin for $30. It was probably in there because the cover was scratched, but it’s in my fave colour and if it’s going in my handbag and everywhere else it’s going to get scratches anyway. I’m happy with my planners looking used!

The calendar is for 2014 so I can’t use it yet LOL. I had what was supposed to be a brilliant idea to solve that problem which I will show you later.

FilofaxThe cover is purple! My fave colour! And it has a nice big elastic to close it. The scratches are visible in this picture but I’m not at all worried about them. Everything else works perfectly fine. And maybe I will stick things to the cover in the future.

day1 1

Day 1. I got the pen from a church event, and that’s what I’m sticking to because it sounds a lot better than “I can’t remember if I stole a pen from a church”

day1 2

Shame I can’t use this calendar till 2014.

day1 3day1 3day1 5day1 6

Some-how ended up with two refills of lined notepaper.

day2 1Moving in!


Filofax wishlist

DSC01748DSC01749First attempt at printouts…

I did them out of order and too small 😦

Day 3

day3 1DSC01755Found these cold border stickers because this is Nelson where there is literally two rolls of in washi tape in the entire city and I hate them both.

Of course no-ones bought them yet. They’re still all too busy trying to figure out cellotape!

DSC01756DSC01757DSC01761A collection of border sticker leftovers.

DSC01753DSC01764Took my anger out on my calendar printout.

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