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Nigel finished the third draft!

I finally completed the third draft/rewrite!

Thankfully this time I don’t think it needs another re-write.

Changes: Most of the story. Lol. The very basic plot is pretty much the same though many major elements have been completely changed so that everything finally works.

The next step will be revision and alpha readers. It needs another draft.

Later I will decide whether or not to post the actual progress. I could post the first chapter here or in my YouTube or I could start a podcast. I haven’t decided what to do about that though.

Things to do in next draft:

Finally decide on the official title.

Change a few character names that are currently weak working titles.

Cut scenes that serve no purpose.

Add content to other scenes.

Nigel’s wheelchair experiment

Everyone including me agreed that the combination of my permanent disabilities and crutches are twice as dangerous as what broke my foot in the first place.

With a walker and wheelchair I can finally get up to go to the toilet, let alone actually leave the house (Don’t ask how I went before I got these. All I can say is I didn’t. Seriously.)

This means I can finally experiment with wheelchairs. I’ve always been militant in my belief in rights for people in wheelchairs. With my disability I’m about 99% indipendant, though for a while I’ve been keeping in mind the possibility that aging could put me in a wheelchair. It’s for these reasons that I am eager to test how wheelchair friendly everything is!

I will make another blog post about getting around and stuff once I have ‘collected my data’. So today this study is on how wheelchair/disability friendly people are.

“Does it still hurt?”

Not since the day I broke it. But then again, the pain of a broken foot is literally indistinguishable from my usual foot pain anyway and since I’ve been ignored and lied to and gaslighted about my own pain its got to the point where I actually have no idea if I’m in pain. Sometimes I say ‘ow’ in advance, like before something hits me. Sometimes I will walk around/stand all day. It’s not until I sit down that I actually feel the damage its done to my feet, this example is from 23 years of being told ‘no its not’ when I’ve complained that something is in serious possibly-a-sign-of-a-broken-bone-pain. Because other people should know whether or not I’m in pain better than I can. Yup, complete logical sense. I’m not even joking.

The doctor said I can finally put weight on it ‘as tolerated’. As tolerated?? I actually have no idea what that means. Because of all that stated above and thanks to the brainwashing I’ve been through that led me to believe that the same pain as a broken foot means I’m ‘not in pain at all’ I seriously have no idea how much weight to put on my foot, even when its in pain. I can’t tell the difference ‘between foot not tolerating’ andnothing wrong with foot’! I have no idea what ‘nothing wrong with foot’ feels like! I’ve been told big fat porkies all my life that ‘foot could be damaged’ = ‘nothing wrong with foot’.

I stood for an hour on broken foot because of this. No idea if that did anything because, again, I can’t recognize it.

But Nigel has been writing too much boring crap. I should stop derailing and continue with this post.

The wheelchair has actually made me hate going outside for many reasons. The people and reactions have actually been fine. But then I live in a tiny ‘city’ in a country that didn’t get the first iPhone until the second gen model was obsolete. I’ve only been out with it twice so I haven’t seen the full extent of it. But sometimes I wonder if these people have even seen a wheelchair before?

Once or twice I’ve had to kick people with my cast to get them to move. Though I was planning to roll around and do that on purpose anyway because I have a sick sense of humour. Probably should draw the line at tripping people over so that they break their leg. Though that would be hilarious to me.

I’ve got a few of those typical Nilson snobs that literally walk around with their nose in the air, ignoring my existence and not moving out my way. Seriously bitch, I’m going faster than you and I have a broken foot while you seem reasonably able bodied enough you could probably walk faster than me before I broke my foot, not that I could ever walk fast.

There is only one that is by far the worst. I have used a wheelchair before. This is how they work: thanks to they way buildings and rooms are designed (which I will get to in another post) there are times when I am shoved in a corner where literally the only direction I can go is backwards! Oh sorry, did I hurt your feefees? Well I suppose it could be worse, you could have a broken foot and need to use a wheelchair, then have to put up with the constant whining of some speshul snowflake because the handle of your chair touched them, which is obviously so much worse than having a broken foot. Because an able bodied person with twice as much mobility as me shouldn’t have to move at all, let the autistic with cerebral palsy, asthma and a broken foot do all the work for you. You should tell me about your cold or how tired you are. You can wipe your tears away on my cast while I text the waaaahmbulance on my phone.

But then again I’m absolutely serious. When you finally see a wheelie for the first time and you happen to be behind their chair MOVE!!!

Some wheelies I know are really snarky and bitchy and make passive aggressive, patronizing blog posts. I wonder why…

Are you a wheelie or know someone who is a wheelie? What are your experiences like? Leave a comment.

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