The REAL Symptoms of Autism List!

Kid just been diagnosed with Autism/Aspergers/anything on the same spectrum? Just been diagnosed yourself? Read this too!

It’s time to throw out all the brochures! Burn all the books ‘recommended’ by ‘Autism Speaks’! Unsubscribe from terrible blogs! Why read those before you’ve read anything written by an actual autistic?? Here is something that will blow your mind! A list of symptoms of autism gathered and posted into a blog by someone that actually has the condition! Because chances are that someone who has the condition probably knows what all the symptoms are! Amazing right? What will they think of next!

And this is all completely free! You don’t have to do anything, just read it.

And if it isn’t a copypasta from this blog post, its probably a lie!

1. Autistics suffer every day!

Really? This is news to me! I had no idea I was suffering. Thank you for telling me what to feel! Before I was diagnosed I was happy. After I was diagnosed I was happy. But I know now that I was doing it wrong! Again, thank you for telling me 🙂

2. Autistics have no empathy

Yep. I love my cats. I love hanging out with disabled people, it makes them happy. I cried through Les Miserables. I cried through Whale Rider. I cry through most Disney movies. I cried through an episode of Baby LoonyToons. Oh wait hold on…

Methinks you need to learn the difference between the Autistic Spectrum and Psychopathic Personality Disorder!

3. Autistics are those little boys that you see on TV who’s entire existence is a tantrum

Oh wow! That’s amazing! That’s what autism is? Do they just disappear when they reach puberty? That’s some crazy science-fiction going on there! We should investigate that. Oh wait, I’m a girl though, and over half the Autistics I know are girls so…wat?

4. Autistics have no sense of humour


Oh sorry, were you serious?

5. Autistics don’t have any communication skills so you have to talk to them like a child

Really? This is news to me too. I mean every time someone tells me that their favorite colour is purple I always fail to magically know that ‘my favorite colour is purple’ really means ‘I want to eat socks for breakfast today’.

Or maybe you people should just stop blaming others for your own piss poor communication skills. It kind of makes you look like a toxic person that everyone is going to avoid.

And talking to a grown adult like a child? Yuck. I talk to people with intellectual disabilities like adults all the time. The non-verbal ones can understand me fine, and I can understand them fine too.

6. Autistics need to be in care 24/7, will be single and unemployed their entire lives

Ok. I’ll give you that one. I am in care 24/7. By my cat. All she really does is sit on me or steal my chair or leave dirty footprints all over the toilet seat but I can do the rest myself.

I also have a job, a loving husband and a family…oh wait no I don’t…

The REAL symptom of Autism:

1. Some of these ‘symptoms’ have nothing to do with Autism at all. The only conditions they are a symptom of is Nerotypicals lying to Autistics about their own condition and personality and Nerotypicals just downright abusing Autistics.

2. There is a wide range of personalities, skills and interests on this spectrum. Autistics are not clones. Are you?

3. A few have a higher IQ than the average Nerotypical. Those with intellectual disabilities are about the same amount, if not rarer. Technically, no the entire spectrum isn’t ‘retarded’, although that’s what most Auties consider NTs to be. Just saying 🙂

4. For some it’s pretty much just a personality trait.

5. I ran out of ideas. So to make up for it, here is a doggie:



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