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fishMy wee fish finally have some friends! We have five Neon Tetras and a pair of plants. Aren’t the Tetras cute? Next payday I will be looking for bottom feeders and algae eaters. Maybe some wee catfish.


More paper flowers to use in an art project. Haven’t decided where these are going to go yet. Maybe on a canvas or a journal.


And another new journal. Last time I used different coloured card or paper, this time I just used scraps. So I have a variety of different types of paper and card.

All aboard the space train

My first original song completed.


Extreame Makeover Fishtank Edition

I’ve had this fishtank for almost a year.



After all the weed became more algae than plant, then all the fish died of various causes, save two 😦 I decided the tank was in desperate need of a make over.

:( :(

😦 😦

Just look at their sad faces. 😦 They deserve a makeover!

FridaPillow driver! Move that pillow!



I now have two ice cream containers full of gravel which I decided I didn’t need anymore.

littleShe looks a bit happier y/n?


The other one decided she was a bottom feeder after she was too busy exploring while I was feeding them.


Don’t look at me! I can’t control gravity!

I feel the tank needs something up the top. Maybe just a wall deco or something. It could also do with a plant or two and some new friends for the fish.

Music sneel peek demo

A sneek peek of what Nigel has been working on today.


Recording more songs at the moment. Here is a sneek peek:


Then Nigel discovered quilling and addiction. Goodbye money.


At least its cheaper than most arts and crafts that Nigel does. But then again, writing is pretty much free. And so was Audacity.

Crochet squares!

Green squaresYellow squares

No idea what will happen to these.

What Nigel really thought of Les Miserables

Nigels first movie review!

Les Miserables the Movie!


Nigel has seen Les Mis on stage a grand total of once. But then Nigel doesn’t often see that much in the way of culture. But Nigel still loved it anyway.

More recently Nigel saw Les Miserables on screen staring Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Tim Burton’s wife, Borat shaved his mustache, whats-his-face and whats-her-face.

Review: Nigel loved the movie version too!

The end

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚


The setting is the 19th century French Revolution, with a spiritual theme of forgiveness and redemption. The main character John Valjean breaks his parole and is then hunted by the policeman Javert.Nigel managed to get through the whole thing without crying (no we didn’t).

Unlike all Musical-to-movies I’ve seen, they were all doing it live. As in, not lip syncing. Extra points! Because it’s a musical, it doesn’t have to be a Madonna music video!

I knew Ann Hatherway could sing before I saw this. Fantene is the most powerful part in the whole show! She was singing live, also full on ugly crying and still managed to stay on pitch and sound amazing. American Idol rejects who sing smiling have no excuse! Can’t wait to see what Hatherway does next.

Some don’t like Russel Crows voice as Javert. Agreed, it’s not amazing, but nice resonance, I’m jealous!

Borat and Helena Bonham-Carter’s acting was funny, which is what I wanted πŸ™‚ ThoughΒ  I think their singing could have been more comedic. Helena has a nice voice though. Maybe if her character was completely off her face as she badmouthed her husband it would have been funnier πŸ˜› The innkeepers wife seems to be a happy-drunk in the stage show. The roles of the innkeepers lifts the story a bit. Without them the show would be an emofest. It’s nice to add a bit of lightness to it πŸ™‚

Marius seemed to have a bad case of bobble head vibrato 😦 but that’s all I didn’t like about him. Though the lady playing Cosette had a crazy vibrato through all her notes and she didn’t move a thing! Does anyone else think her vibrato is cute or is it just me?

Here is the real The End. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Pretty much everything I had to say about it was related to singing. Am I obsessed with music?

Nigel plays Minecraft

Happy New Year everyone! I just remembered that this month is the birthday of our very special friend Frida.


Frida turns two this month. I decided it’s her birthday since January is the month I got her. She celebrated this morning by throwing up on my clothes. Happy Birthday poohole!

In other news, another desperate attempt to have something to post.


Nigel needed an excuse to play Minecraft and we found this

and decided to give it a go.

First house:


And that’s all the screencaps I have so far. Crap.

Stay tuned! May post more later.

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