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Nigel’s New Year Resolutions

Blog readers are probably bored of everyone posting resolutions by now. So we will just get over with it and post Nigel’s ones.

1. More blogs


2. More videos

Might as well add to the videos we already have on the YT channel. All one of them.

3. Come up with ideas for more blogs/videos

That might help

4. Finish that fracking novel!

that Nigel has been writing for oh…a few years now?

5. Get a job

Copy Pasted from last years resolutions

6. The End

7. Ask readers what their resolutions are

So what are your resolutions? Post yours in the comments below!


Nigel’s first books post

Nigel hasn’t posted in a while but we need more stuff about books in this blog!

So here is some stuff I’ve read in no particular order…

Stephen King


I’ve read two of his so far. He’s known for his scary books. One of the top selling authors on the planet! And yes, his stories are damn scary O.o

I though this would be a great author to start off books posts with. I’ve just recently started reading his horror books. I remember browsing a second hand bookshop and met a dear old lady who is in the local Barbershop chorus I am part of. We were looking over a large collection of Stephen King books. She pointed out which ones she had read (almost all of them) and which ones she liked. Which is pretty amazing considering that if you asked any young person around here what they thought of King’s books, save for the Dark Tower series, all you tend to get is a blank stare and a ‘What other books?’ if you’re lucky 😦

It is about a rag tag group of people who must remember their childhood in Derry, Maine where they were brought together unexpectedly and they must use their past to fight a scary thing!

Dreamcatcher is about a rag tag group of people who must remember their childhood in Derry, Maine where they were brought together unexpectedly and they must use their past to fight a scary thing!

Oh wait…

They are different though I swear 🙂

It has a scary clown on the cover, so pretty fair warning on what’s on the pages. The clown becomes one of many important symbols in the story. The thing called ‘It’ lives in the sewers. It’s hard to decide exactly what to call ‘It’. It is like a force or a spirit or part of the town. It takes many forms, like the clown for example.


He probably looks something like this

The story is set in two different times: the past and present of the main characters.

It represents those dark, unseen childhood fears. Or It could represent what those fears would look like if they grew up and took acid! The entire concept of ‘It’ is very terrifying. It is huge and complex. It’s motives are scary and the fact that neither the characters nor the reader have any idea what ‘It’ is makes it even scarier. The clown didn’t scare me much but the voices in the drain wouldn’t let me sleep!

Dreamcatcher was the first one I read after I was desperate to get on the King bandwagon. As I read it I vaguely remembered a movie I watched on TV about poo aliens. That’s aliens that explode out of lets not say where, and lest just say I don’t want to spoil it. Turns out it was the actual movie based on the book. So which was better? Well the endings were completely different and I only watched half the movie and I remember the book better so definitely the book.

In Dreamcatcher four guys gather at a cabin for their yearly camping trip. These guys are childhood friends that have lost touch over the years. This time they remember the fifth kid that bought them together. But then suddenly unexpected things happen!

Yet again, the childhood of the characters is set in Derry. The book actually does make some references to It which makes a cool canon link between books. I don’t know if King does this with other books though, I’ve only read the two so far. It also has the same happy childhood friends theme to it

One difference is the ‘scary thing’. This time we have a fear of aliens, invasion, infection, disease, parasites. These are more grown up fears. One of the scariest in this book is the poo aliens, or ‘Shit Weasels’ as King calls them. I don’t know which sounds worse. Either way I don’t want to meet one. If Jaws put you off taking a shower, Dreamcatcher put Nigel off going to the little dragons room. I wonder how many poo aliens would fit in a dragon?


Shit Weasels probably look nothing like this. But imagine seeing this in your toilet.

Both books are pretty violent (but then they are in the horror type genre). I’m usually desensitised to a certain level of violence and King’s books went a bit beyond that level so in my opinion he’s great at writing horror and violence 🙂

Once I’ve cut down on my backlog of books to read I might buy more Stephen King (or maybe just watch the movies but that’s no fun! They always change too much!) Any suggestions? 🙂

I know some people have read King’s Dark Tower series. I would like to give that a go since the fantasy series genre is my favourite.

Don’t forget to like/share/comment! 🙂 Are you a reader? What sort of books are you into?

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