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What the hell happend to all these hired DVDs?


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This probably isn’t going to be a very good post.There is something I would like to investigate.

Video hire shops. Does anyone hire DVDs and stuff from those? I am a frequent user of these.

I tried to watch one good movie I hired from one of these shops. After three hours I completely abandoned the DVD because it was downright painful to watch. Not because I hated the movie or it was bad. It was a great movie and I loved it. I abandoned it because I had only watched 50 minutes of it.

I have yet to see one DVD from these places that had something wrong with it.

I saw one hired DVD that had actually been snapped in half.

Remember the good old days of video players? I remember having to run the head cleaner through ours at least twice after each hired video if we ever wanted to play anything through it again.

And this includes not only videos and DVDs but also recent releases and blue-rays that I have seen crash after one scene and then never play again. It also includes DVDs that have no visible marks or scratches at all.

Now if I chuck in one of my own DVDs that I bought, no problems at all. Why is this??

Why is everything from video hire stores so disgusting? What is being done about it? What is being done to prevent it? It doesn’t look like the video hire shops is causing it themselves. They even look at the bottoms before giving them to you. I think its something else. What the hell is happening to these products? How do they get like that? Who wants to watch a DVD that just looks scody and old? Even when its a recent release?

What the hell?

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