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Reason for hiatus

So there is a reason for my hiatus and no internet access since Wednesday.

About a month ago I changed internet providers, but then for some reason I decided not to pay my bill so I was cut off on Wednesday.

Oh wait. No I didn’t.

I did not change providers. I’ve had no contact with any provider other than mine. I didn’t even find out my provider had changed until after three days of no internet and about five phone calls to different companies involving my modem and internet connection.

So…why did I suddenly have a different provider I didn’t even know about? Apparently providers can just call another provider, lie to them that their client has ‘changed providers’, and convince said provider to cancel their own clients account, all without authorisation, permission, a single word or even contact at all from said client. And the client doesn’t even have to know about it!

If this is legal, I will just kill myself. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Stay well clear of providers who do disgusting things like this.

Leave a comment!

No seriously, please leave a comment! Has this happened to anyone else? How does this even happen?

How to know if you are an unemployed ‘artist’ on the benifit

Being unemployed with not much of an idea for the future Nigel has many projects in the works at the moment (most in beginning stages).

Yes Nigel is a dole-bludger and not very proud of it. The government shouldn’t let itself be ripped off by a dragon for to long!

So until we figure out what Nigel can do this year…here are some of the things an unemplyed wannabe blogger who hasn’t decided on a niche yet will post on their blog.

I noticed that our recent post about Nigel’s pets got more likes than usual. About three or four more likes than usual…so that makes about…three or four likes in total for the post. Which is pretty good! That means this blog is getting somewhere and Nigel found a possible Niche market or whatever it’s called. Pets! Or it could have been the Nigel’s-first-ever-handmade-quilt that the pets were hogging the spotlight from.

What else has Nigel been up to lately?


We painted Nigel’s nails!

Well that’s probably only interesting for Nigel. This is what unemployment does to you.

But anyway, that nail polish colour is a mixture from old nail polishes that I completely emptied. It filled four bottles, though that’s probably because the polish remover thinned it quite a lot. I’ve decided that Nigel should get more into nail polish so expect to see more of it soon!


I discovered the garden at my new house flat! Turns out I have a couple of plum trees and an epic tomato plant. And tiny baby roses!!

baby roses

And what else have I done…

I practised drawing with my tablet, using one of the characters from my novel as inspiration.

He looked way better drawn the traditional way, I swear!

Guess what I have? A new sewing machine!!! So while I’m quilting Nigel’s-firs-ever-quilt I’ve decided to make another oI’ve noticed that after machine sewing it, the seams don’t come undone. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! No pictures yet though 😦

Yes that’s about all I’ve done really in my year on the dole. Sorry we don’t have more. Nigel was busy playing Portal 2.

Please leave a comment! What have you been doing this year?

First attempt at Quilting…

Guess what I got for Christmas? A sewing machine! So I have been finishing my quilt at mums house.

Chichi and a quilt

But it wasn’t too long until a certain fluffy doggie stole it 😦





And as usual the cat just downright ignored everything. They’re both good pets. I got to petsit them while mum was away 🙂

Nigel’s New Years Resolutions

  • Get a paid job! Still living off the government. Probably not a good thing. If Nigel can get a paid job we can keep moving on in life.
  • Get this blog up and running. This New Years day update is probably the most action this blog has had in months.
  • Practice more art and stuff. Might as well actually do something with my life. Nigel wants to get back into drawing and painting and see where we go from there.
  • Finish second draft of Novel. Yup. Still on it. I hope to get a chapter done by the end of the month. It would be nice to actually finish it.
  • Loose weight. Anyone else have this resolution?
  • Laugh at Mayan Calendar conspiracy theorists. And if that doesn’t work…
  • Sit on my porch with the cat I might get from the SPCA this month with a beer, Pink Floyd/classical music cranked up because if the word is going to end, it needs a soundtrack. That’s how I want to go out.

Who else has New Years resolutions? Anything you want to do by the end of the year? Leave a comment below!

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