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Nigel’s random moments in song writing

So during one of Nigel’s high moments (housework gets done, plants get watered, mice actually get fed let alone a clean cage [sorry MaggieJanet], artwork gets made, Nigel actually eats properly, Nigel posts on this blog more than twice a month ect. I have no idea why this happens, it just does.) Nigel rediscovered the guitar gathering dust in the unused artroom.

When Nigel was a little dragon, I learned classical guitar. That ended when Nigel’s motivation for everything suddenly disappeared without explanation.

Now is one of those rare moments in the year when Nigel can actually be buggered.

This was because Nigel was desperate to write a song. Now Nigel has no idea what romance is, so we are just going to make do with writing a song about pets, because that’s all Nigel really knows. Or Nigel is nearly broke and is trying out a few desperate attempts to make money. Whatever looks better on the album cover.

Nigel isn’t brave enough to preform it for anyone yet. But Nigel’s finally figured out how to do these little arty things that are more than just power chords, so we’re getting there! Yay! Nigel can play the guitar!

Just saying, this is going to be the most awesome song ever. Not even Elvis, Queen, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black can do better than this song!

Anyone else like to make music? Anyone like to listen to music? Leave a comment!

The end to the hiatus

So finally back from Auckland and finally got a small amount of inspiration for this blog.

The end of the year is coming. That means Christmas, finding a new flat, thinking about what to do next year.

So I have been looking for the past few months and haven’t found anything suitable and at a price that lets me eat more than one meal a week. This is Nelson. So I may need a flatmate once I have found one. I’m still unsure about having flatmates…because I don’t think I’m a very good flatmate…and I don’t think I’m a very good flatmate. Looked at some nice ones today though.

Which leads to the next thing: I’m kind of desperate for a good legit source of income. I don’t want to be on the dole for too much of next year. But if you have been outside at all in the past few years, you would probably agree that the majority of my search results would be downright disgusting! This is Nilson Nelson!

Any readers got any ideas? All two of you?

So for a while I’ve been working on my arts. If I get really good I could make money off it. Trying to write more novel, draw more ect.

Your thoughts? Ideas? Want to see more things I’ve made/been working on? Please leave a comment!

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