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Nigel may not p…

Nigel may not post until Thursday since Nigel is away.

Pet spam!

Meet Meowth…

Alternitive bed

Like my new bed?





Janet the mouse


and Chichi…

Art spam!!!

Back a very long time ago in the prehistoric age of 2010…Nigel was at polytech.

There, Nigel went through a little phase…



A mousy picnic?

One day Nigel went to the mall and many of the shops around it. In the end, we found what Nigel was looking for.

A tiny mouse cage that Nigel can carry by hand!

Since summer is comming Nigel really wants to do more things outside. Nigel hasn’t been to the beach for a while 😦

A picnic sounds fun and since Nigel has a social life for the first time in years and also gives Nigel time to figure our how to use these ‘social’ things…

Which leads to Nigel’s idea of a Mousy picnic. Taking mice to the beach, probably by bus, or just generally taking them out for an outing. Probably not such a good idea in reality though. Mice probably shouldn’t be in that little cage all day. And there are places Nigel probably shouldn’t let them out. And Nigel still doesn’t know of the bus service actually allows mice…

But then, Nigel doesn’t know anything about reality.

Actually the real reason Nigel picked up the tiny mouse carrier is in case Nigel needs to take them somewhere. Like the vet 😦

I blame Nigel entirely for their condition. Nigel thinks they deserve way better. One isn’t looking too good, the other doesn’t have very many extreme symptoms, but it’s hard for Nigel to tell. The best advice Nigel has found for their symptoms is to keep the cage clean and to take them to the vet. Nigel will take both just to be safe.

A mouse cold probably isn’t the same as human colds. They probably need mousy medicine. And the vet is the most likely place Nigel would find this, if mousys need it (and they might).

In conclusion: Take good care of your pets! They seem to like it when you do that!

So Nigel was lurking around the internets all day today and Nigel thought of something…

Does Nigel need to get more into like…not internets stuff?

Nigel cleaned Maggie and Janet’s cage for the first time in months (and now Nigel may have to take both of them to the vet just to be safe…if Nigel can find one that can help mice…this is Nelson, NZ so Nigel doubts it)

Nigel hasn’t painted in a while.

And Nigel figured…since Nigel isn’t doing any…not internets stuff (sorry, Nigel has no idea what to call it)…there isn’t anything for Nigel to post here on Nigel’s blog…which is an internets stuff…Nigel has a headache…

So Nigel is still trying to work out the niche for this blog and what to post in it (and what else to start a sentence with other than ‘so’).

Nigel needs help!

Ok, Nigel will find something awesome to post in here and get millions of viewers. Nigel has a plan: YouTube. Nigel will make an account and add it here.

And now Nigel needs something to post on Nigel’s YouTube channel…

Who are you? What is yourself?

Nigel has recently learned about the gift of hospitality.

Now Nigel isn’t the most social person on the planet, in fact I prefer the term ‘socially retarded’ to describe Nigel.

But that’s probably a small part of it.

Nigel is myself. Fell free to do that too! Being yourself. It’s probably not a good idea to fake something else anyway.

Nigel sees not being yourself as a form of deception. Do you pretend to have opinions you have absolutely no interest in? Do you pretend to have a personality that isn’t even yours? Do you have an opinion/belief/idea ect that no-one knows about because you have hidden it and never mentioned it? Congrats! You’re lying! And some people don’t appreciate lying in relationships, including work, social, romantic ect. If it gets to the point where you have to make these lies in a relationship, it is a good sign the relationship won’t last too long.

If you lie like this, how are we supposed to know who you are?

One way to ‘find yourself’ is to be honest. Fakes and wannabes don’t tend to make a good impression.

Nigel hasn’t p…

Nigel hasn’t posted for a while! 😦
Nigel just wants to make a quick post. Lets see where this one goes!

Nigel likes to make stuff and now Nigel will sell some things! Want to buy something from Nigel? Heehee.

And Nigel also likes writing things. Right now Nigel is working hard on a story and trying to get characters right.

Are there any blog readers reading this blog that like to write stories? If so, tell Nigel about your writing process! What stage are you at right now? What kind of story is it? Do you also like making characters?

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